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The Animals of Ukraine Need Your Help

Now More Than Ever Before.

Ukraine Animal Crisis


Thank you for stepping forward today to help feed and care for animals in shelters in Ukraine, and for and those fleeing with their animals.


The need is urgent – by the day and now, by the hour.


More than 100,000 dogs, cats and other pets are in urgent need of food, water, medicine, and veterinary help.


Veterinarians without Borders partners with on-the-ground sheleters to provide needed resources.


Importantly, we have partnerships with the three animal humanitarian agencies who can get the basics to where they are needed the most, which includes 700 Ukraine animal shelters, and 1,200 drop-off points for food delivery where animals are shelteting with their human companions - to homes, to community points, apartment complexes, and where people have had to seek safe shelter from bombing and shellling with their pets.

Your generous donation will help save animals in crisis and will provide the necessary relief for their carers who are desperately trying to source food, water, and medicine while under fire and under threat of death.

The coming days and weeks will be precarious, and fraught with the unknown as war actions continue to escalate. The stress that people and animals are enduring is unthinkable.


You donation is deeply valued.


Thank you for providing them with some help and with some hope.

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To make a cash or cheque donation, please contact us, or send your donation to:

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